Introduce about hand saws

In your home garden, there are many branches that are dry and wood vermin; or die should be removed. To cut small branches, you can use your hand or knife. But with big, hard and dry branches, you need to use portable saws. This is a more specialized gardening tool to remove large branches without leaving injuries affecting the development of the plant. Moreover, It is also widely used for many different fields such as construction, handicrafts, carpentry …. to cut relatively hard materials, usually cutting wood material.  For example, for furniture made of wood, before becoming beautiful furniture in your family. Workers have to cut trees to get wood to make by sawing tools. So, Hand-sawing wood is an indispensable tool for every family.

On the market,  In addition to producing common types of wood saws, manufacturers have designed many different types of hand saws with many types, styles, sizes. they are suitable for customers’ needs. But having many people are confused about what kind of saw to choose. So how to choose the best portable woodworking saw, all will be solved in the article below.

What is the purpose of using portable wood saws?

•    When buying portable wood saws, we need to determine the use of wood saws for professional use or home use. Since then choose portable wood saws with appropriate capacity:

•    If you want to use a professional portable woodworking saw, you must choose a machine with a large capacity, strong and able to operate both day and night.

•    For home use, you should choose handheld saws with small capacity, simple, low cost. Household chainsaws are easier to use than specialized saws.

Classifying portable saw blades

After you know the purpose of using the saw. Here, you must know how to choose saw blades. Why do you have to learn about saw blades? Because, depending on the purpose of using your hand saw, you choose the right saw blade to avoid difficulties in use.

  • First, saw with straight blades: A versatile tool with a simple design, utility. As the name of this type of saw blade, it has a straight blade and the blade width is smaller from the handle towards the top of the saw. Saws have a reasonably distributed tooth density, high sharpness, so you can easily saw quickly and accurately. Straight-edged saws are often used for sawing wood, which helps a lot in woodworking. In addition to gardening, saws can be used for carpentry, tree sawing, wood sawing, water pipe sawing. Especially, With a compact design, sharp saw blades help to cut branches efficiently.

Note: This type of saw is very suitable for those who have just learned to use a saw.

  • Folding saw: The type has a sturdy handle, a well-designed design, especially, a foldable saw blade in the handle that is convenient for you to pocket and uses when you need it at any time. The rugged design certainly helps you hold the saw very smoothly and decisively. Besides, the saw blade is more specifically designed, you can jab the saw into narrower places. In addition, the saw blade can change the angle to work effectively, the key is secure, withstand better sawing force.
  • Frame saw blade: A type with a blade structure attached to the frame. Pretty special. The blade saw frame is shaped like a quadrilateral slightly tilted toward the saw. The handle is designed to be sure to increase hand thrust when in use.

Note when checking and using portable wood saws

  • Once you have determined what kind of hand saw you want to buy, it is necessary to check when buying and using a saw to ensure your safety and convenience when using the saw later.
  • Choose a lightweight saw that is easy to control if you are not experienced. The design and the machine must be easy to use, the handle is less vibrating, the body is small and the balance is good for you.
  • Adhere to the right skills when using saws to make your work safer and easier

Be sure to use protective equipment such as protective pants, boots, veil caps, ear protection, and gloves.

In conclusion

I have introduced you to the saws, how to choose saw blades and some notes when using saws. Each type has its own characteristics and designs that are suitable for each job. Hopefully, the information shared above will help you choose the most suitable and quality portable hand saw.

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