Using circular saw, band saw and chainsaw

Saw machines are an indispensable device for every house or building. For families with saws, occasional use becomes dangerous when used. For different saws such as circular saws, band saws or chain saws, there are different uses for safety and efficiency.

So how to use saws safely? Which type of sawing machine should be best? These are frequently asked questions of those who own a saw machine especially a cordless saw or saw has a large capacity.

1 – Instructions for using a circular saw

Circular saws are an essential product for factories, especially carpentry workshops, so you should know how to use the machine most efficiently and safely.

To speed up your productivity, you should own a circular saw of some famous company like Dewalt, Makita or you can check it the Best circular saw. With these machines, you will easily cut wood pieces, but you also need to know how to use a safe circular saw to work fast but still ensure

Some notes when using a circular saw:

Before using a circular saw, you should read through the user guide that is in the box of any product. It is essential for you to know the information about the saw machine as well as the best way to use this tool.

When sawing, you must ensure your safety:

For circular saws with power leads, you should pay attention and carefully arrange the wires, avoid placing near the cutting line of the machine and do not step on the wire

You have to focus on where you are cutting if you need to think or do something, turn it off after you have finished and then continue your other work. That will prevent you from cutting your fingers.

Be careful with the two contacts of the blade when cutting on the wood. If you find it difficult to use it. Try using a wood routing tool, which will make it easier to cut wood (Best Router Tools ); it will create pressure and cause the saw blade to shoot back or stop suddenly.

The excess wood when cut must fall and the main piece of wood needs to be fixed by woodworking clamps ( you can interest to Best Woodworking Clamps)

Use eyeglasses to ensure safety for eyes and a woodworking dust mask to ensure the health

Check the saw blade before cutting. The saw blade must be sharp and work properly without any problems

Most saws are designed for left-handed people, so if you are right-handed, you need to be alert to dust particles and scorched marks that are fired when cut. Splinters or pulp of wood will be pushed to the left of the saw. Monitor the position of the body and hold on one side of the device

2 – Instructions for using the Band saw

Kết quả hình ảnh cho cưa lọng

Band saw, also known as Saber Saw, is a necessary type of sawmill in the carpentry workshop. Best circular saw will make your work better.

Compared to the circular saw, the Band saw is capable of sawing the thickness of the material that the circular saw does not do because of the unique ability of the saw blade. And depending on the different elements, different saw blades are used. Therefore, the band saw machine is handy in the house. But even so, you only need to make a small mistake you can be hurt. So how to use the Band saw safely and what to note when using this tool?

To start using the band saw you need to place the shoe head on the material to be cut.

Note the direction of the cut you want to cut and place the saw blade a bit far from this line.

Clamp the saw with a plier tightly and securely before pressing the start button. Using the mild force, do not use strong force. That will affect the saw blade. The saw blade can break and shoot back because it moves up and down very fast.

3 – Instructions for using chain saws

Kết quả hình ảnh cho cưa xích makita

Chain saws are specialized equipment for sawing large pieces of wood or sawing trees because the engine runs like a 2-stroke engine. The principle of explosive operation using viscous gasoline. To start the machine is extremely simple; just a strong jerk is the machine running. You will like it Best Chainsaw Reviews

Some skills and tips for you to use this saw safe and effective.

Frequently encountered errors of this tool is that you pull the start-up wire of the machine to the maximum, even if it explodes or not. If you start the machine like this way often, it will damage the engine.

Prepare some tools to extinguish the fire when a spark appears. Wear eye protection and a dust mask as dust, sparks and exhaust fumes from the machine will affect health.

Chain saws are not like other saws that need to be used outside because of their huge emissions. So you need to look carefully around, avoid crowding place when starting the machine

When using chain saws, you must be highly concentrated because it is a massive capacity tool, so it is hazardous, not used in a state of instability and unfocused because it will increase the risk of danger.

When using a saw machine, you must prepare and entirely use protective gear. Do not be afraid of cumbersome because this is the way to protect your life.


DIY furniture by pallet wood

Many people always think that excess wood is refuse, so they often wasted improperly. Have you ever thought about how the racks made from old wine barrels or inlaid water tables made from Bed board would look? Just be creative and a little deft, you can turn “junk” into vintage furniture like the article below.

You only need to spend a little effort to make a lot of furniture in the house with pallet wood such as making beautiful and unique tables, chairs, beds, bookshelves with a low total cost. Although the material is simple, it will create very unexpected results.


1. First, we need to understand what pallet is?

The pallet is a flat transport structure, which stably supports goods while being lifted by a forklift, a pallet jack, a front loader, a jacking device, or an erect crane; sometimes, a pallet is inaccurately called a skid. Goods or shipping containers are often placed on a pallet secured with strapping, stretch wrap or shrink wrap and shipped. While most pallets are wooden, pallets can also be made of plastic, metal, paper, and recycled materials. Each material has advantages and disadvantages.

2. When choosing a pallet to make furniture in our house, what characteristics should we consider?

Pallets come in many different sizes, 0.95mx1,2m or 1mx1m, it has an untreated type and a one-side scrubbed type, depending on your needs you can choose the right plate. The price of a pallet usually fluctuates between 100,000-200,000 VND.

Also, we need to pay attention to the surface of Pallet, including the following types:

– Pallet with the separate wood face, small bar: This type can be used to hang clothes
– Pallet of the separate wood face, big bar: Can be used as a chair, shelf, bed, …
– The pallet has wooden surfaces close together: You can choose to make a dinner table, headboard, … items have the flat surface

In addition to selecting the wood surface, we need to consider what are the connected pallet bars (there are two main types):

– Humpback (red)
– The kind with wooden pieces connecting the sections(green)

The wood used to close Pallet of the separate wood face about 8000 VND for one piece, humpback around 2000 for one piece.

That is some concepts need to be understood about pallets when you intend to make tables, chairs with wooden pallets or some furniture in your home by yourself. Here we will learn how to make pallet furniture.

3. Raw materials for tables and chairs with pallet wood

– Pallet (depending on the model of the table, bed,… you intend to do to choose the number of pallets accordingly, for example, the table needs one pallet, the table needs 2 plates,… )

– Sandpaper to clean the surface of pallets (if using a scrub machine, it is better to buy fabric type sandpaper )

– Wheel for mounting if needed

– Nails for wood

– Saws or chainsaw machine (Best Chainsaw Reviews)

Hammer (should buy a good product, buy hammer have hook remove if you don’t want to break a hammer)

– Milk glue for gluing wood (blue bag on the left corner). I buy 1kg comfortable to use

– Drilling machines to connect wooden bars by screws (and drill the wall if necessary), with drilling, remember to buy a 4-pin screw (some good drilling machines: Best Drill Presses, best cordless drill, Best Makita drill, Best Dewalt drill or Best drill bits)

– Oil and paintbrush – there are two types to buy: Colour Paint and polish paint. Paint color to create color according to your preferences, paint polish to make it beautiful and protect wood better.

– Aromatic gasoline for mixing paint, you should wash the brush or soak the palm after painting.

– L-bar and rawlplug to close into the wall


4. Implementation steps

Step 1

Pallet after purchase, clean the surface with sandpaper, this step helps clean and paint pallets easier. If not sanding the wood surface, it will be less aesthetically pleasing when painting

Step 2

Pallet saws according to design (This pallet is sawed into two parts to make chairs)

Step 3

Wood pallet paint according to favorite color, otherwise paint gloss to protect the wood. It is possible to repaint the second time because sometimes wood absorb paint so that the paint on wood is patchy

Here is a picture of all things done:


Bed: 6 bottom pallets, one headboard and two pieces of wood for make bedside shelves

Bookshelf: 1 sheet and 6 odd pieces closed in 3 horizontal bars to order belongings

Shoe shelf: 1 small plate cut in half and then use 4 humped edges to merge them


Sofa: 2 plates for the table, 4 wheels below, 2 panels for 2 chairs, it can be split into 4 seats

– Do this thing is very easy; only one thing is that it takes a long time to do it, so you should do it 1 by one, don’t do it all at once, it will take more than half a month to complete.

– Money to buy paint is quite a lot, so consider before buying color paint (polish paint will be more cheaper, faster and it makes you lazier ^^)

– When buying pallets, you have to choose which plate to use for what because each plate is different; you need to buy the same for each type.

– After finishing, you should buy a mattress (for chairs and beds), glass for a table, hook … to make your belongings more standard.