Spiritual world in CoTo island (Part 1)

What will you do when you’re alone?. Watch movies, play games, read stories, listen to music or create something. Being busy makes you think less about things in this life, work, affection or family. When you’re alone, it’s time to find something new that makes you curious and exciting. Today I will tell you a story. It talks about paranormal things in this world.

Are you living in a place called Earth, where there is life? Surely you also know the 2nd world on earth what people call the spiritual world. There are also people who live in that world, and that world exists in parallel with the real world where we live.

So why did I talk about this world?

I will tell you the truth. I can see and feel that world. Many people will think that those who see the spiritual world are often fortune-tellers, they know the future. I don’t deny that, but for me, feeling that world, it will tell you-you’re a special person. You see ordinary people who can’t see, you hear people in that world talk, and you can communicate with them. But it would be weird if you talk with the air right on the street. Therefore I ignored them; I would consider myself not seeing that world. What they are doing and what they say.

But everything will still happen

It was a short day trip with my friends. We scheduled a 5-day trip at Coto, a small island in Vietnam. To reach this island of Coto, we had to rent a ship to go there. We had lost 15-30p to set foot on the island. When we got there, it was about 5 pm. Everyone saw very tired because they were not comfortable with the ship and the weather. There was a storm that day, so the wind and the waves were extreme; I felt my stomach rolling; my mind turned around. But everything disappeared when we got off the ship. Coto so so beautiful, I could see one part of Coto in this position, one long coastline, an arc shape, and white sandy and blue beach. The wind was still blowing, but the waves were less powerful. We boarded a small car to the hotel where we had booked before. A hotel was overlooking the sea, extraordinarily ancient and luxurious. It is decorated with a row of green trees hanging from the roof like the old noble houses in England. We booked a room on the 5th floor. This room can get all view of the island, The street, market, beach, and mountain. After arranging furniture into the room, we started going out to visit this Coto island.


Everything in here makes me feel so fantastic.

The road was extremely bustling because it was afternoon time everyone went to the beach to play. On the coast was a few fishing boats returning to shore. Sound and the atmosphere here was very fresh and comfortable. The first place we came it was the market where they traded a lot of fresh fish, then we went to a souvenir shop that sold small gifts, it carries its characteristic of the island. After that we moved a small wooden workshop; the owner was a beautiful old uncle with long silver hair; he wore a woodworking dust mask and used circular saws to saw a wood panel. I’m also a learner of the wood industry, and I know this tool is one of the best (Best circular saw) saws that the market is selling. We were very impressed with his woodworking shop. There were some wooden items he had decorated outside the store; it is chiseled very elaborate; I thought that he had must use the best wood chisels to produce such a great product. For me I was most impressed with a dog carved by wood, it looked so real, incredibly unique and lovely.

Suddenly a small voice came into my ear: “Does it look so beautiful?” I knew it was a feeling I often hear. Another voice rang out: “This dog was a long time ago. Come with me; I have a beautiful place to tell you.”

End part 1. Part 2 will reveal the spiritual world here; please look forward to it

Using circular saw, band saw and chainsaw

Saw machines are an indispensable device for every house or building. For families with saws, occasional use becomes dangerous when used. For different saws such as circular saws, band saws or chain saws, there are different uses for safety and efficiency.

So how to use saws safely? Which type of sawing machine should be best? These are frequently asked questions of those who own a saw machine especially a cordless saw or saw has a large capacity.

1 – Instructions for using a circular saw

Circular saws are an essential product for factories, especially carpentry workshops, so you should know how to use the machine most efficiently and safely.

To speed up your productivity, you should own a circular saw of some famous company like Dewalt, Makita or you can check it the Best circular saw. With these machines, you will easily cut wood pieces, but you also need to know how to use a safe circular saw to work fast but still ensure

Some notes when using a circular saw:

Before using a circular saw, you should read through the user guide that is in the box of any product. It is essential for you to know the information about the saw machine as well as the best way to use this tool.

When sawing, you must ensure your safety:

For circular saws with power leads, you should pay attention and carefully arrange the wires, avoid placing near the cutting line of the machine and do not step on the wire

You have to focus on where you are cutting if you need to think or do something, turn it off after you have finished and then continue your other work. That will prevent you from cutting your fingers.

Be careful with the two contacts of the blade when cutting on the wood. If you find it difficult to use it. Try using a wood routing tool, which will make it easier to cut wood (Best Router Tools ); it will create pressure and cause the saw blade to shoot back or stop suddenly.

The excess wood when cut must fall and the main piece of wood needs to be fixed by woodworking clamps ( you can interest to Best Woodworking Clamps)

Use eyeglasses to ensure safety for eyes and a woodworking dust mask to ensure the health

Check the saw blade before cutting. The saw blade must be sharp and work properly without any problems

Most saws are designed for left-handed people, so if you are right-handed, you need to be alert to dust particles and scorched marks that are fired when cut. Splinters or pulp of wood will be pushed to the left of the saw. Monitor the position of the body and hold on one side of the device

2 – Instructions for using the Band saw

Kết quả hình ảnh cho cưa lọng

Band saw, also known as Saber Saw, is a necessary type of sawmill in the carpentry workshop. Best circular saw will make your work better.

Compared to the circular saw, the Band saw is capable of sawing the thickness of the material that the circular saw does not do because of the unique ability of the saw blade. And depending on the different elements, different saw blades are used. Therefore, the band saw machine is handy in the house. But even so, you only need to make a small mistake you can be hurt. So how to use the Band saw safely and what to note when using this tool?

To start using the band saw you need to place the shoe head on the material to be cut.

Note the direction of the cut you want to cut and place the saw blade a bit far from this line.

Clamp the saw with a plier tightly and securely before pressing the start button. Using the mild force, do not use strong force. That will affect the saw blade. The saw blade can break and shoot back because it moves up and down very fast.

3 – Instructions for using chain saws

Kết quả hình ảnh cho cưa xích makita

Chain saws are specialized equipment for sawing large pieces of wood or sawing trees because the engine runs like a 2-stroke engine. The principle of explosive operation using viscous gasoline. To start the machine is extremely simple; just a strong jerk is the machine running. You will like it Best Chainsaw Reviews

Some skills and tips for you to use this saw safe and effective.

Frequently encountered errors of this tool is that you pull the start-up wire of the machine to the maximum, even if it explodes or not. If you start the machine like this way often, it will damage the engine.

Prepare some tools to extinguish the fire when a spark appears. Wear eye protection and a dust mask as dust, sparks and exhaust fumes from the machine will affect health.

Chain saws are not like other saws that need to be used outside because of their huge emissions. So you need to look carefully around, avoid crowding place when starting the machine

When using chain saws, you must be highly concentrated because it is a massive capacity tool, so it is hazardous, not used in a state of instability and unfocused because it will increase the risk of danger.

When using a saw machine, you must prepare and entirely use protective gear. Do not be afraid of cumbersome because this is the way to protect your life.